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Batteries as a global driver of sustainable change – for better, or for worse?

Universitetet i Agder
Tirsdag 16/8 2022 10:30 - 11:30
Demokrati , Klima/miljø
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The "Battery Coast" initiative shows that Norwegian innovation and development in the battery industry are paying dividends for our region as we benefit from an influx of knowledge, jobs, and capital investments. While this is good for Norway, the question for this seminar is how this impacts other regions who contribute the battery industry through raw materials, components, and labour as part the so-called battery value chain.

In this event, we would like to shine a light on how an expanded battery value chain affects regions both locally and internationally in the Global South from an economic, social, and environmental perspective. We have invited a group of international researchers to share their findings and experiences studying local impacts from battery material extraction in the global South and throughout the battery value chain as products reach consumers here in Europe.The implication is that our actions and consumption habits here in Europe have an impact on many sections of the battery value chain and that these interlinked impacts, for better or for worse, need to be addressed through intelligent and fair supply chains where all participants are treated in an ethical and equitable way.

This event is aimed at the public and industry to try and help understand the connection between the green shift, batteries, and a global battery value chain that has wide-reaching impacts beyond our region. 

There will be several short lectures in the seminar with researchers from Australia, Argentina, and Norway presenting about:

  • The social and environmental complexities of extracting materials in the green shift
  • The impact on local communities in the green shift
  • Opportunities and challenges of high-value production of battery value chains I the Global south
  • Justice, transparency and geopolitics in battery value chains

A panel on the topic "The need for ethical and just material sourcing in the energy transition" will take place after the lectures.


  • Johannes Landesfeind, Associate professor, Universitetet i Agder
  • Vito Laterza, Associate professor, Universitetet i Agder
  • Stina Torjesen, Associate professor, Universitetet i Agder
Reyn O'Born, Associate professor, Universitetet i Agder, 45128535
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